CT scan (CT) with and without contrast: what is it and how is performed

CT (Computed Axial Tomography) is an advanced digital diagnostic examination based on using a narrow beam of X-rays that passes through the patient to generate, through computer processing, images of sections (slices) of the inside of the body.

These sections, called “tomograms,” contain much more detailed information than conventional X-rays.

From these sections, a body volume of digital data is reconstructed, which can be useful for putting together images in any plane of space; this makes it easier to identify and locate underlying structures as well as possible abnormalities or pathologists, such as tumors. The examination is totally painless.
In case of CT scanning with contrast, the drug, injected intravenously, will cause only a warm sensation to be felt.

The equipment available at Poliambulatori San Gaetano is top of the line in its category. The examination can be booked privately (even for foreign patients, without a health card) without a waiting list.


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