Varicose veins, a Minimally invasive outpatient treatment

In collaboration with Top Clinic Padova S.r.l. Poliambulatori San Gaetano offers an innovative minimally invasive treatment, carried out according to the “Varicose Veins Padova®” protocol, safe and painless, which allows you to eliminate varicose veins in a single session.
This approach guarantees complete customization and the choice of the most appropriate treatment for the individual case: during the first meeting, in fact, the characteristics of the legs are examined, as well as the patient’s motivations, life and work habits.

How does the first visit for the Treatment of Varicose Veins take place?

The first part of the interview with the doctors of the team involves the collection of the patient’s clinical history (anamnesis), the previous or active pathologies, the possible intake of drugs and/or the presence of allergies are discussed.
In the second part of the visit we proceed with the instrumental examinations, carried out directly by the Doctors of the Equipe:

Color Doppler anatomical mapping: ultrasound examination essential for the definition of the vascular anatomy and the choice of the most suitable corrective technique;
Digital Thermography: innovative analysis for detecting the different temperatures of the skin of the legs. It allows you to view in a photograph both the pathological skin areas and the subcutaneous course of the vessels to be treated.
It is always useful to bring with you previous medical reports (reports of specialist visits, blood tests, x-rays, etc.), a list of medicines if you take any and possibly the list of substances to which you are allergic.

At the end of the First Visit, a written estimate is issued with all the costs of the treatments for varicose veins.

What treatments are available to eliminate varicose veins?

The team is able to offer its patients all the most modern techniques for the minimally invasive treatment of venous insufficiency, adapting them to each individual case. The minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins differs from the classic “stripping” procedure as it provides:

  • Only local anesthesia
  • No stitches
  • Immediate recovery
  • The treatment is performed in an outpatient surgery, it does not require an operating room.

How is minimally invasive varicose vein surgery done?

Top Clinic uses an innovative technique thanks to which it is no longer necessary to make long incisions or use spinal anesthesia. Once local anesthesia has been carried out in the area to be treated, doctors make very small holes that do not require stitches, but only the application of a plaster. Through these holes they can operate on the problematic vein without any pain or discomfort for the patient.
Once the operation is finished, it is possible to go back to one’s occupations, having the sole attention of keeping the dressing in good condition. The day after the operation the check is carried out.

What is the preparation for varicose veins treatment?

This type of surgery requires no preparation. However, the patient will have to carry out blood tests in advance for:

  • blood count
    pt, pt

Furthermore, he must present himself equipped with elastic stockings to be worn immediately after the operation.

What is the recovery after varicose veins surgery?

Compared to the classic approach, in the post-operative varicose veins it is not necessary to take antibiotics or painkillers.
Recovery is immediate, the patient will be able to resume normal activities immediately after the operation, taking care only to keep the dressing and elastic stocking on. Sports activities can be resumed after 7 days.

What are the benefits for the patient?

Through traditional techniques it is not possible to obtain the excellent results achievable with minimally invasive treatment.
The “Varicose Veins Padova®” protocol provides for a single session, lasting an average of 60 minutes with immediate recovery of daily activities and an optimal aesthetic result.
The treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis (no operating room) under local anesthesia and the use of elastic stockings is limited to only 6 days after the procedure.

When is the best time to treat varicose veins?

The protocol used allows the treatment to be carried out in all months of the year, including the summer period. The techniques used are painless and allow you to be exposed to the sun a few weeks after the treatment.

What are the costs to get rid of varicose veins?

The cost of the treatment may vary according to the patient’s clinical situation, but is usually around €2,000 per limb.


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