Preparation and benefits of Gastroscopy enhanced with NBI method in Vicenza, with no waiting time

Gastroscopy is an endoscopic examination that consists in introducing a flexible tube (endoscope), with a camera on the top, into the mouth in order to examine the internal surfaces of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, the initial portion of the intestine. 

What preparation is needed for gastroscopy?

For the correct execution of a Gastroscopy it is necessary to perform a preparation in order to allow the specialist to accurately view all portions of the digestive tract.
It will be important to observe a complete fast in the 8-12 hours prior to the examination. Blood clotting tests may be required in anticipation of a possible biopsy.

Which should be a correct diet before performing the gastroscopy?

This examination strictly requires  fasting for at least 8 hours. In the previous days is not necessary to undergo a special diet, the patient can follow the usual diet.

Does Gastroscopy hurt? Is sedation available?

At Poliambulatori San Gaetano is possible to do this exam with sedation. Gastroscopy is usually no painful, but the patient can feel a certain disconfort due to a sense of suffocation and presence of the tube in the throat, that can cause retching or nausea.
Conscious sedation induces a condition of intese relaxation, unlike the deep one that requires general anesthesia. Thanks to this practice the patient is not completely asleep and remains semi-conscious throughout the surgery, but the loss of perception of time and pain leads to more confortable experience.

How long does Conscious sedation gastroscopy last?

The exam takes approximately 20-30 minutes. But it can be extended if it is necessary to proceed with a biopsy or other additional examinations.

The innovation of NBI tecnology: more accurate diagnosis

Thanks to the NBI Tecnology (Narrow Band Imaging), used with Digestive-tract Endoscopy, it is possible to search for diseases of the digestive system with greater precision. It also allows to take action in real time on pre-cancerous lesions through biopsy.
With NBI tecnology it is possible to resort to the so-called chromium magnification, that allows the doctor to distinguish between non-cancerous lesions, early tumors and invasive ones with extreme precision, offering a detailed image of the neoplastic margins.


Gastroscopy is performed by a physician with decades of experience in digestive endoscopy and is available also for foreign patients, without health cards.

The dedicated English-language answering service is available by calling or texting +393296253353 for information or reservation.