Preparation and info about Colonoscopy with NBI method in Vicenza, with sedation and no waiting time

Colonoscopy is a gastroenterological medical examination that allows an internal view of the colon through a flexible endoscope. It is an highly requested exam, used to get the diagnosis of numerous diseases and problems that affect colon, such as:

  • ulcers
  • diverticulosis and diverticulitis
  • intestinal polyps
  • inflammations
  • colon rectum cancer

Does Colonoscopy hurt? Is sedation available?

At Poliambulatori San Gaetano is possible to do this examination with sedation. Conscious sedation, infact, induces an intese relaxation: the patient is not completely asleep and remains semi-conscious throughout the surgery, but the loss of perception of time and pain eliminates any sensation of disconfort.

How long does Conscious sedation Colonoscopy last?

The exam can last from 20 to 40 minutes. The execution time may change according to the procedures that can be necessary during thr examination: removal of polyps (polypectomy), presence of restrictions and general view conditions.

based on the necessary procedures. But it can be extended if it is necessary to proceed with a biopsy or other additional examinations.

What preparation is needed for Colonoscopy?

A correct preparation is essential to access the exam.
It is advisable to strictly follow the instructions so as not to have to repeat the colonscopy a second time: this can happen in case the bowel wall is not empty enough to be well examined.

What is possible to eat?

  • Two-three days prior the exam: it is better to abstain from foods rich in slags, such as fruit, vegetables, pasta and whole grains. We suggest to prefer eggs, meat, fish, juices and small amounts of regular pasta and white bread.
  • From the day or evening before the examination: it is necessary to do a completely liquid diet; provisions relating to the intake of laxatives will be provided by the nurse during the booking process.

Does NBI tecnology make difference compared to the traditional endoscopy?

The NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) Technique allows observation of the gastrointestinal walls with special green-blue lighting, which, unlike the standard machinery, immediately highlights the lesion compared to the healthy mucosa.
NBI applied to Digestive Endoscopy improves the diagnostic capacity of a traditional endoscopy by 50% and represents an innovation in the early diagnosis of tumors and other digestive diseases, since it enables the patient to perform a normal endoscopy and the doctor to recognize a precancerous lesion with extreme precision.

What a virtual colonoscopy is? Is it preferable?

Compared to the NBI colonoscopy, the accuracy of the virtual colonoscopy is slightly lower. In case of doubts after the virtual examination, the regular one will be still necessary. In fact the last one has an undeniable value: at the same time as the examination, polyps can be removed (and biopsy done) without repeating preparation and costs.


Colonoscopy is performed by a physician with decades of experience in digestive endoscopy and is available also for foreign patients, without health cards.

The dedicated English-language answering service is available by calling or texting +393296253353 for information or reservation.