Prevention Clinical Check-ups

A wide range of Prevention Clinical Check-ups is available to all patients at subsidized prices.

Prevention Clinical Check-ups are designed according to gender and age, and are useful in order to keep a preventive eye on one’s health and to diagnose the onset of any disorders at an early stage.

Are available also a series of Laboratory Analysis Check-ups, also for foreign patients, without a health insurance card, to identify and obtain useful information regarding common ailments such as thyroid disorders, hypertension, allergies, diabetes, and many others.

  • Standard Comprehensive and Minimal Check-up
  • Women’s prevention check-ups and exams packages
  • Men’s prevention check-ups and examinations packages
  • Allergy check-up
  • Hypertension check-up (Level I)
  • Diabetological check-up
  • Cardiology check-up
  • Rheumatology check-up
  • Thyroid Check-Up
  • Female and Male Endocrinological Check-up
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Check-up
  • Standard Comprehensive and Minimal Check-up
  • Renal Check-up
  • Oncology Check-up
  • Food Intolerance Check-up

The dedicated English-language answering service is available by calling or texting +39 3296253353 for information or reservation